Have You Seen Us Flying?

The contraption you saw is called a Powered Parachute; ours is a 2001 Buckeye Breeze.

- We can be seen flying most mornings and evenings in Round Rock when the wind is below 8mph
- Flies for up to 3hrs on 10 gallons of fuel
- Can launch with as little as 20ft of clear space and land with as little as 10ft
- Speeds are 26 - 32 mph (faster with a tail wind)
- Does not require a runway (just needs a space to take off into the wind)
- Is a 2 person plane
- Weighs about 300 lbs.
- Has electric start  
- Has 2 cycle (mixes oil and gas) engine made by Rotax in Austria

Give us a call if you would like for us to do a FlyBy!

(512) 771-4000


(512) 771-4000

1716 Fleischer DrAustinTX 78728, USA